SolCharge Powerbank
SolCharge Powerbank

SolCharge Powerbank

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SolCharge is the #1 Solar, USB and QI Wireless Charging Portable Phone Charger, designed to use when your phone are running low on battery and need extra battery life.
  • SolCharge is compatible with ALL smartphones.
  • SolCharge allows multiple devices to be charged at the same time with the cable that is supplied.
  • Each SolCharge includes a FREE USB Cable to charge both Android and Apple Phones at the same time.
  • Each SolCharge includes a charging cable to use when charging the Powerbank.
  • Every SolCharge has QI Wireless Charging Functionality
  • Do not have the product exposed to direct sunlight or leave the product inside a car for a long time.
  • Prevent water damage and dropping the device.
  • SolCharge includes Solar Charging, however this is only for emergency charging. Please use the cable provided to charge the SolCharge instead of relying on the Solar Panels.

Please download our Manual Guide here